Light the Way

LOOKING FOR A few bright ideas on how to light your wedding reception?  Well first you might want to think about what mood you are trying to evoke.  Are you going for romance?  Rustic?  Al Fresco?  Perhaps it might be a good idea to consider hiring a lighting specialist.  Yep, these people really do exist.  You could probably ask your florist or wedding planner for some names …. oh…and don’t forget to ask for a portfolio.  You will definitely want to see what your soon to be illumination guru has done with other events.  With all that said, it’s always best to bring some ideas of your own.  Here are some gorgeous examples of how others have used a lighting specialist to light the way… Enjoy!

outdoor weddings recOutdoor wedding venuoutdoor wedding striDiningSparkling lightsgrapevine balls and Cluster candles intolanternsMason Jar ChandelierPhotography: HeatherCandles hanging fromspring vintage weddiOutside wedding showA lot different thanIf you have a line obeach wedding receptpainted gold bottlesAn entire webpage fobeach wedding #recepwedding-reception-li
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Thanks Ladies!

SO NOW THAT you have chosen the wonderful ladies in your life to accompany you on your wedding day, how will you say thanks?  You could go with the usual keychain or strand of faux pearls, which is fine.  OR you can get both creative and personal with these unique ideas we found on pinterest.  Personally, I love anything monogrammed…just as an FYI.

uppercase living monMonogrammable Throw bridesmaids rain boobridesmaid robebridesmaid gifts - sInitial Burlap PilloTiffany wallet prestamazing bridesmaids bonafidebride: Five bridesmaids giftMonogrammed UmbrellaBridesmaid gift - hobridesmaid giftDIY packaged bridesmbridesmaid gifts
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Be My Bridesmaid Please

Back in the day, when I was still young enough to be asked to be a bridesmaid, there was no pomp and circumstance.  In fact, it was more or less done via phone or, if I was lucky, over a cocktail (or three).  Fast forward a few decades years and usher in the pomp and circumstance (aka The Bridesmaid Box).  Enjoy….

- Please recheck your ID.
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