The Fall and Spring Bride: How to Layer for Crazy Weather

The weather is always a lottery, something which can be problematic when you’re planning a Spring or Fall wedding. You could be faced with anything from beautiful warm sunshine to cold winds and rain on your wedding day. The best way to solve this problem is be prepared to layer up! There are lots of different bridal layers you can add to your otherwise summery dress, and most of them are versatile enough to wear afterwards, with the exception of wedding gloves which are fairly inexpensive. So, what are the different options?

A Wedding Coat

The style of a wedding coat can be as varied as different styles of wedding dress. From long and dressy, to a short jacket or fur coat. The main feature tends to be the color – if you’re wearing a white or ivory dress your wedding coat is usually white too. You don’t want to look like you’ve just put your usual coat on over your wedding dress. There are no rules as to the style of coat you should wear for your dress. If you have a long dress, you could wear a long coat over the top or a short cropped jacket and vice versa with a short dress. Vintage Wedding Dress with wedding coat

coat | dress

You would still look every inch the bride in this vintage 1960s wedding coat and it would keep you warm on the coldest of days. Plus it is versatile enough to wear on other occasions too. I’ve paired it with a long dress, but you could just as easily wear it with a mid length or short dress instead.

The Fur Jacket

Fur always looks glamorous, and what better day to look glam than on your wedding day? This vintage fur jacket is elegant and would keep out even the most biting wind. Vintage Wedding Dress with fur coat

jacket | dress

Boleros and Shrugs

These are a great option for stopping your arms and shoulders for getting cold. A lot of modern brides opt to wear a bolero to cover their shoulders in church where bearing too much flesh might not be appropriate, and then wear just their strapless gown to the reception afterwards.  Some dresses, like this vintage 1940s dress, come with a matching bolero, but you could just as easily choose your own like the cashmere and pearl shrug below instead. Vintage Wedding Dress with Matching Bolero

dress with bolero

Vintage Wedding Dress with shrug

dress | shrug

A bolero or shrug may not look very substantial but they can offer a lot of extra warmth compared to having your arms and shoulders exposed to the cold!

Wedding Gloves

Wedding gloves can add that extra little warmth on a chilly day too. Whether you opt for 1950s style short gloves, or longer opera gloves, both add an air of sophistication to your dress as well as helping to keep out the cold. Vintage Wedding Dress with wedding gloves

dress | gloves

Vintage Wedding Dress with wedding gloves

dress | gloves

Oh, and if there’s the possibility it might rain, then it’s worth making sure you have a light-colored umbrella available too! Little things like that can make the world of difference if you’re caught in a shower on the way into your venue! Here are some of our lovely brides who layered their wedding style beautifully: bride1 bride2

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What to Wear to Your Own Rehearsal Dinner

Following on from last week’s article about what guests should wear to a rehearsal dinner I thought it would be nice to help out all those brides who aren’t sure what to wear either!

Being the bride at a rehearsal dinner you’re pretty much guaranteed to be center of attention, and if you’ve arranged the rehearsal dinner you may have set the dress code because you want to wear a particular outfit. In that case, you’re fine! If you’re unsure then I’m here to help.

Don’t forget, while you want to shine, you also need to hold something back for your wedding day. That should be when you wear the dress with the real wow factor! You only wear your wedding dress once, but the rehearsal dinner is a great chance to wear a fabulous outfit that you’ll be able to use again and again, so you can justify getting something really special.

Personally I like the idea of a bride wearing white to her rehearsal dinner, but in a totally different style to the wedding dress itself, so that’s what I’ve gone with here, but you should wear whatever you feel suits your personality. If bright pink suits your mood then go for that!

White Tie/Black Tie

This is the most formal option out of all the dress codes. You want to wear something knockout, but which is very different from your wedding dress. You can opt for full length gown or even go with a cocktail dress, like the one below.

formal rehearsal dinner outfit

If you want to buy something which will be wearable in the future, go for a cocktail dress and dress it up with some dazzling accessories. This vintage 1960s cocktail dress is just right when paired with some strappy silver heels and this amazing peacock clutch bag.

Formal/Black Tie Optional

For a formal event you have quite a lot of choice. You can wear either a suit, a cocktail dress or any other tailored smart dress.

Smart rehearsal dinner outfit

This 1970s sequined cocktail dress is beautiful, and when paired with some monochrome accessories like these smart heels and a super slim portfolio clutch you’ll really look classy!

Semiformal/Dressy Casual

Dressy casual is always tricky, but it’s always better to be overdressed than under dressed – especially if you’re the bride! A good choice would be a party dress or or smart trousers and a top.
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Check out what’s “new” in our authentic vintage collection!  These two gorgeous dresses can be seen here.  For other great pieces, check out a sample of our 100% authentic Vintage Wedding Dress collection.

Vintage wedding dress

Silk Vintage Wedding Gown

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How to Dress for a Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal dinners are usually held the day before a wedding as a way of getting the wedding party together ahead of the big day. They are a great way to unwind and for the bride and groom to thank everyone who has helped to the wedding, but what do you wear to a rehearsal dinner? Here’s our guide to getting your look just right for the night before the big day.

The first thing to do is check your invitation for a dress code. Here are four of the main categories you may come across and what they mean:

White Tie/Black Tie

This is the most formal option. Men should wear a tuxedo, and women either a cocktail dress or evening gown. Make the most of the opportunity for some full out glamor!

Rehearsal dinner dress black tie

It’s not often you get the chance to wear a full length evening gown, so make the most of it!  This vintage 50s ball dress is perfect for a sophistictaed evening look when teamed with rhinestone accessories like this cute fish necklace  and some diamante heels.

Formal/Black Tie Optional

Men should wear a suit and tie for a formal event, and women can wear either a suit, a cocktail dress or any other tailored smart dress.

Rehearsal dinner dress formal

Don’t forget you can dress up any smart dress with some fabulous accessories. This 1960s flapper-style dress doesn’t need any extra embellishment, but add an amazing clutch Bag and some elegant shoes and you’ll look fabulous!

Semiformal/Dressy Casual

This is always a tricky one to get right. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed, so I would recommend a polo shirt or smart shirt with some nice pants for men, and for women a party dress or or smart trousers and a top. Definitely  no trainers or flip flops!

Rehearsal dinner dress smart casual

This dress could be dressed up or down. By adding a pretty pink cardigan and some flat shoes it hits just the right balance for a dressy casual do.


You might think casual means that anything goes, but even if the rehearsal dinner is a BBQ in somebody’s garden you might be pushing it to turn up in cut-off shorts. Jeans should be fine, as are sundresses and tailored shorts.

Rehearsal dinner dress casualThis sundress strikes a great balance between relaxed and chic. Casual don’t mean zero effort, so it doesn’t hurt to still look great! Team a sundress with some sandals and a straw tote bag.

Don’t forget – if in doubt then give the bride or groom a call and ask!

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The Midas Touch

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  The New Year is just around the corner and 2015 has a lot in store for us.

Our favorite trend of 2015 has got to be gold and fans of this little luxury will surely have a lot of fun with this chic trend.  The gold trend is all in the little details, especially in the coming season. We love that this extravagant metal can be expressed in combination with a myriad of colors or on it’s own.  The creative interpretations of gold can be seen in the cool geometric shapes and variants in materials, while exaggerated proportions truly capture the imagination.

Looking for a few ways to show off your Midas touch at your next event?  We are here to help.

We wish you a very safe and Happy New Year.

red and gold outfit

Dress: 1960’s Red and White Vintage Party Dress (coming soon)

Clutch:  YSL Bag

Shoes: Patent leather stiletto slingbacks

Sweater: Red sweater bolero

Bracelet: Saint Laurent gold open cuff

Rings: Gold pyramid stackable rings

Bracelet: Michael Kores cuff bracelet


Dress: 1960’s Navy Ribbon Party Dress

Shoes: Guess Bittan Dorsay Pumps

Bracelet: Snake leather square bracelet

Clutch: Diane Von Furstenberg Evil Eye Clutch

Earrings: Navy and gold drop earrings

black and gold party

Dress: Black and gold vintage evening gown (coming soon)

clutch: Rhinestone clutch

bracelet: Rhinestone stretch bracelet

earrings: Art Deco rhinestone earrings

nail polish: Gold Nail Polish



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Vintage: The Perfect Mother of the Bride Outfit

Choosing a Mother of the Bride (or Groom) outfit is a tricky thing to get right. You want to look fabulous – let’s be honest your outfit is the most important after the wedding dress itself.

You want to look smart, elegant, and you certainly don’t want to risk wearing the same suit as someone else at the wedding! Because of this you can end up spending a fortune on an expensive outfit that you’ll probably only wear once. After all, your killer Mother of the Bride outfit may well be too grand to wear as a guest to another wedding, you want to let the next Mother of the Bride have her moment too after all!

My answer is to wear vintage. If you get it right, vintage really can offer the perfect solution. Not a hippy 70s kaftan, or 1920s flapper dress, but cocktail dresses from the 1950s and 60s which really lend themselves to a beautiful mother of the bride outfit because of the smart tailoring and beautiful fabrics.  You probably don’t want to look like you’ve stepped back in time, but you can dress a beautiful piece of vintage up with modern accessories and bring it bang up to date. It also means that nobody will turn up to the wedding wearing the same outfit as you, and it’s also a dress which will be very wearable to parties afterwards!

Metallic 1960s Dresses

Metallic fabrics were really popular in the 60s and add lots of glamor to an outfit. This vintage 1960s brocade dress is elegant and flattering with it’s tailored silver and gold fabric. Team with modern silver accessories like this Philip Treacy hat and a glittery Lulu Guinness lips clutch bag for some real statement style.

Vintage mother of the bride outfit

Block colors were really popular in the 1960s, whether bright jewel-toned colors or pretty pastels, like this pink silk dress below. To convert a beautiful vintage cocktail dress into an outfit worthy of Mother of the Bride team it with a stunning hat, like this cream rose-embellished hat and some beautiful pink shoes. I love these Jimmy Choo slingbacks with their metal heel and shiny patent pink leather.

Color Block Cocktail Dresses

Vintage mother of the bride outfit

1950s Wiggle Dresses

To add a touch of sophisticated sex-appeal to your outfit you could go for a 1950s wiggle dress, like this silk floral dress below. This style of dress gives you a fabulous hourglass shape and makes you look like a glamorous extra from Mad Men! Team it with a fabulous wide-brimmed hat, and if you fancy a bit of a rock ‘n roll touch how about this amazing knuckleduster clutch bag in matching jewel colors?Vintage mother of the bride outfit

So, vintage is a great choice for your mother of the bride outfit! Take a look at our vintage cocktail dresses for some more inspiration!

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