What’s for Breakfast?

RISE AND SHINE!  Time to get married!  A fabulous trending wedding is the morning ceremony and breakfast reception.  From salty bacon to sweet French toast points, this wedding seems all about the food and drink.  How gorgeous are the pancake bites with blueberry and mint or the adorable melon cups?  We say I DO! to the self serve Bloody Mary bar and the individual espressos! Who knew milk and donuts could be so elegant?

Refreshing, modern, crisp, sweet, elegant and dainty.  A breakfast reception is all that and more.  The best part?  We found our inspiration on Pinterest!

Coffee favors ”“Apple Pie Pancakes Yum breakfast fruitsFrench Toast KabobsBanana Pudding in Maapple jack ham on biBlintzes on a stick

Whether you’re a morning person or want to save a little money, a breakfast reception is a new and refreshing twist to your post ceremony party.  For these ideas and more follow us on Pinterest, http://www.pinterest.com/millcrestvintag .


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