Let them eat CAKE!

YOU STAND BESIDE it, cut into it and then shove it into each other’s faces.  Yep, it’s your wedding cake.  Your wedding theme, honeymoon destination, hobbies, favorite flavors, or occupations are all great places to begin when considering your wedding cake.  Please remember when choosing your cake that you can’t please everyone but you can make your fiancé and you very happy…so be selfish, it’s your day!!!! 

Little Wedding cakebeautiful semi nakedLove this little, roLove pink and gold WBlonde naked cake toclassic white weddinWedding bundt cakeWater color wedding Lovely floral weddinBeautifully Embellis

From gorgeous Spring colors to muted palettes of beiges and whites, your choices of cake to serve are unlimited.  For these spectacular inspirational ideas and more, follow us on Pinterest.  http://www.pinterest.com/millcrestvintag

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